The Zeller See

Swimming in drinking water quality
Relaxation at the Zeller lake

Our lake is the center of the region, especially in summer. While bathing, sailing and surfing you explore the region from the water. From nowhere you can enjoy better views of nature and the mountains than of the middle of the lake. In summer you can enjoy a great time in the beach baths of Zell am See, Thumersbach and Schüttdorf. From there, you can set off on boat tours, sailing trips or swimming in the lake. Private, motorized boats are not allowed on Lake Zell, so we get its drinking water quality.

In our 3 baths Zell am See, Thumersbach and Seespitz you will find a heated swimming pool and depending on the bathroom different equipment and attractions such as:

  • Adventure pool with giant slide
  • Kiddie pool
  • massage benches
  • 5 m diving tower
  • badebucht
  • floating raft
  • Miniature golf
  • water ski school
  • cozy restaurants
  • etc.

Beach Thumersbach

Summer bathing paradise: the Strandbad Thumersbach - with additional solar-heated swimming pools - invites you to swim in one of the purest swimming lakes in Europe. In addition, the toddler pool, the trampoline and the water ski school provide optimal bathing fun for all ages. 


Strandbad Thumersbach: on the eastern shore of Lake Zell. Either with your own car or with the bus line 660 (stop Thumersbach Ortsmitte). Free parking is available. A nice alternative is the journey by boat, you can use the crossing from Zell am See.

Beach Erlberg

The beach Erlberg is located directly on the southern shore of Lake Zeller, which invites with its drinking water quality for an unforgettable bathing pleasure. 
Also, a beach bar and restaurant, offers you delicious drinks, snacks, crisp salad and a cozy atmosphere. 
Casual music, sitting in comfortable sun loungers and just let your mind wander, the "Strandbad Erlberg" has a high relaxation factor. And what is more suitable for lounging than our large lawn? For the children, the children's playground is well taken care of with plenty of room to frolic. In addition, you will find everything that makes a perfect beach location: beach volleyball, table tennis, or pedal boating. 

Open daily 
Free entry and free parking 

Daily from 09: 00 - 19: 00 open for you. 

copyright Heinz Seidl 

Beach Zell am See

... dive in, dive in, emerge

Summer bathing paradise: the Zell am See bathing beach with additional solar-heated swimming pools - invites you to take a bath in one of Europe's purest bathing lakes. In addition, the giant slide, the toddler pool, the diving tower, the miniature golf course, the trampoline, the water ski school offer great bathing fun for all ages. 

... hang up, knock off, poke

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